>the next jackson pollock

>i’ve loved jackson pollock paintings ever since i heard that ashley oslen wrote about one of them for her NYU admissions essay.

just kidding.

but really, i love pollock’s work. i saw this one at the met this summer:

and just recently i discovered jacksonpollock.org (thanks, stumbleupon!) where i’ve been making some creations of my own. here are some from my “love” series, haha.

i encourage you to visit the site and play around with it. it’s so fun. you’ll come to a white screen and probably think, “jeez, is this site slow or what!?” but really, it’s your canvas. just move your mouse around and see what comes out! left-click to change colors.

have fun! 🙂


One thought on “>the next jackson pollock

  1. >I LAUGHED OUT LOUD at your first A. Olsen line…I feel like if Tina Fey ever did a Mean Girls movie based on NYU, that line would need to go in it.

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