>you down with OCD?


so i’ve worked at the bindery for a year and a half now, and i feel that it makes me crazier every day. it encourages my OCD tendencies and makes me question my crazy factor.

you see, ever since i was little, i’ve had little OCD ticks. for example:
-i always start going down stairs with my right foot. if i don’t, i’ll go back and start over again. i usually need to end stairs with my right foot, too.
-everything is right first, left second. pants, shoes, makeup, etc.
-my clothes are hung up in my closet by color and style (well, the were)
-when i stack things, it is imperative that it goes from big to little
-if i have an itch on one side of my body, i have to scratch it on the other side, no matter if there is an itch in that place or not (i’m all about balance)
-i hate odd numbers. evens only, please. (it’s a good think my birthday is all even numbers)

these may seem little, and i know i’m nowhere near Monk’s level, but at work these tendencies increase. books must be stacked perfectly. lines must be straight. everything must be in even numbers. i freak out if any of these is off.

i guess it’s a good thing that i work where i do, though, because the job depends on things like this. when i stack the books or boxes, they need to be straight to keep the balance. they need to be even so it will be easier for the person doing whatever the next step is to handle the materials.

in a way, it is a blessing and a curse; but it’s not the end of the world.


4 thoughts on “>you down with OCD?

  1. >I also must confess my OCD tenedencies . . . I don’t know if you know this or not, but I can’t stand turning on a light with the switch already up. As far as I’m concerned, if the switch is up, the light is on, if it’s down, it’s off. I will go around to all three switches in my kitchen to coordinate this. I will also go upstairs to turn the light off if the switch isn’t in the correct position, then go downstairs to do the same.

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