>you can(‘t) stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, ay ay ay…

>today something very tragic happened, and i blame it all on utah.

my precious, trusty umbrella broke. snapped. is no longer.

(the raindrops are both literal, and also represent my tears of sorrow, hehe)

now let me tell you a little something about my umbrella. i got it more than 3 years ago; it came free with a totebag/handbag from kohls. yes, kohls. it is bright, neon green and has weathered (haha, pun) me through many a storm–rain, snow, sleet, hail–you name it, it’s been there. lindsay has a bright orange one and once said, when we were walking home from work on a rainy afternoon, “we look like fruit!!” i carried that thing everywhere, even when it wasn’t raining, because you never know when the skies will open up. it came in VERY handy a few times in DC i might add.

but sadly my umbrella is no more. it was really windy after church today, and during one of those pleasant times when your umbrella gets turned inside out and you look like a freak:

(case in point)

one of the supports snapped in half, leaving one side completely caved in and useless.

ayumi’s broke too, so we’ll be umbrella shopping together sometime soon. maybe i’ll get one of those cute ones that are rounder so you fit perfectly underneath it, or maybe even a pretty parasol…

until then, RIP pretty green umbrella. you’ve been great.


2 thoughts on “>you can(‘t) stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, ay ay ay…

  1. >no way! I realized yesterday that my umbrella is broken too. I had purchased it for like $3 from Anchor Blue freshman year and I loved it…It also doesn’t help that I left it in the depths of the JFSB after I went to Sunday School with Spencer and when we went back to find it (because it was still somewhat functional) the door had been locked.Looks like we will all be umbrella shopping! Let me know if you find a good one!

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