>tag, you’re it!

>yay!!! i’ve been tagged by alex to do the whole tagging/survey thing, which i have been hoping to do for a long time! here it goes…

10 TV Shows I Love to Watch:

1. The Office
2. Gossip Girl
3. Friends
4. Bones
5. CSI: NY
6. Grey’s Anatomy
7. Ugly Betty
8. Brothers and Sisters
9. Greek
10. Jeopardy!

10 of my Favorite Restaurants Are (unfortunately mine won’t be as classy as alex’s…):

1. Red Robin
2. Cheesecake Factory
3. Nooshi (DC)
4. Tangysweet (yes, i’m counting it…) (DC)
Five Guys
6. Georgetown Cupcake

7. Riki’s (Fairport)

8. P.F. Changs
9. Zupa’s
10. Dinosaur BBQ

10 Things that Happened Yesterday:

1. Went to Finance for the first time in more than a week…still not getting it
2. Got my absentee ballot and mailed it off!
3. Charged my iPod, a daily activity
4. Went shopping for my halloween costume
5. Ate at Betos/Rancheritos for the 2nd time in 4 days
6. Watched the diwali episode of The Office
7. Ate lucky charms
8. Went to work and ran coil, my favorite
9. Talked to Linz for 4 hours
10. Tried to talk Kev out of a nervy b.

10 Things I am Looking Forward to:

2. Registration (tomorrow…only 2 classes next semester!)
3. 485 to be done
4. Sleeping in on Friday
5. Christmas break/New Years
6. Getting a real job
7. The election being over
8. Payday
9. Getting Friends: The Complete Series for Christmas
10. No more English 312 or BusM 300

10 Things on my Wish List:
1. Get married
2. MKA Influence
3. To make 35,000+ at my first job
4. Straight A’s
5. Spring Break
6. Go home for Thanksgiving
7. Spending spree at Sephora
8. Tangysweet in Utah
9. Live in DC or NYC
10. Zac Efron to break up with Vanessa and date me

10 5 People I Tag:

1. Yooms
2. Erica
3. Lindsay
4. Carly
5. Liv
i don’t know anyone else with a blog….


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