>overheard in provo

some of my favorite sites include:

because they show how stupid people are.

for example, from eavesdropDC:

Girl 1: Are cupcakes carbs?
Girl 2: I don’t know. They have flour, and flour’s a carb right?
Girl 1: I don’t know. It has butter. Is butter a carb?
Girl 3: I thought only bread was a carb.
Girl 2: No. So are things like pasta and rice.
Girl 3: Rice is a carb? I thought rice was a vegetable.
Girl 1: Are you serious?
Girl 3: I’ve never really thought about it, but if you asked, I would say a vegetable.
Girl 2: No it’s definitely a carb.

seriously? SERIOUSLY? that’s straight out of mean girls right there. except it’s totally real.

i’ve heard some pretty, ahem, saucy things while walking on BYU campus. one of my favorite things to do is put my headphones in but not actually turn on the music, and just pick up little tidbits of convos.

like this one i heard the other day:

Guy on cell phone, between the MARB and ESC: “So if you could just put the rifle upstairs…”

and then about five minutes later i overheard some guy rehearsing his breakup speech. true story.

i also hate when:
1. people have really loud, obnoxious conversations in the computer lab
2. people talk really loud in the hallways during my class and i can hear their private conversation, without even trying

so a word of advice, cougars and co-eds: beware of my wandering ear. or, just try to sound intelligent in public and save the stupid for your apartment.


One thought on “>overheard in provo

  1. >The ones that bug me . . .Chinese people in the grocery store who for some reason talk REALLY, REALLY loud (I guess they want us all to know they speak Chinese)People who talk really, really loud on their cell phones in a foreign language at 5:00 in the morning while you are waiting for your flight from San Jose so that you can’t possibly relax after the ordeal of dragging two suitcases full of crap through the stupidest airport on earth, not that this has happened to me lately (and I am certainly not bitter)!

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