>to the next 50…

>it’s my 50th blog post!

make me a cake? pretty please??

to celebrate, here’s some random tidbits about me. i would do 50, but it’s sunday and i need to take a nap.

1. i can wiggle my eyes. i got it from my mom. we’re awesome.

2. i went to 5 different schools from K-12. 2 elementary, 1 middle, 1 jr. high, 1 high school (i moved twice during this time)

3. i used to have an obsession with handbags/purses but now i’m over it and just carry my trusty longchamp with a spattering of vera bradley in between

4. the number of times i’ve seen “clueless” is greater than the number of years i’ve been alive

5. i once went to the ER for strep throat. it was really severe, ok?

6. i only applied to one college. lucky for me, i got in.

7. i have almost 4000 songs on my computer and it’s taking up about 75% of my hard drive.

8. i have never been overseas. the only other country i’ve been to is canada, eh.

9. i watch too many crime dramas (bones, csi: ny and miama, svu, etc.)

10. the hardest i’ve ever laughed at a movie was during the brady bunch movie sequel (the 90’s one) when jan brings the fake george glass to the restaurant. my mom can attest to this.

more to come…


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