>i hate the financial aid office for making me sign more and more forms every day and not telling me anything and taking one million years to do anything.
i hate the byu web site for being so.freaking.slow.
i hate our stupid internet connection for not working and giving my computer viruses.
i hate my computer for being a piece of crap and falling apart and making me reboot 5 times a day.
i hate this week for being so busy and hard.
i hate my stupid career portfolio and how it got all messed up when i got it bound even though i paid to have it done then i had to go back and do it all over again by myself and now it looks like crap.

i hate my life right now.

i still hate all those things, but i’m no longer in tears and i’m feeling much better thanks to the lovely poems my friends and i have been exchanging through e-mails.

a selection from:
“i wrote a poem today”
by e.a.c.

…I can’t wait for Thursday’s Office, my number one love.
I really hope Pam makes an appearance or I’mma hurt someone and hide the glove.
Like OJ tried to do before they found it and his blood.
Someday I’ll be a lawyer who puts people like him in the mud.
But that’s only if I pass school and don’t flunk the LSAT.
Sometimes it’s hard to rhyme so I use old sayings like oh drat!

in other news…i can’t wait ’till winter break.


2 thoughts on “>rant

  1. >WHY didn’t you take your portfolio back to the people who messed it up and make them re-do it?????? If you paid to have it done right, they should have to compensate for it!!

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