>dear santa,

>it’s never too early to start making your christmas list. or in my case, my birthday/christmas list. these are some things i’m hoping to find under my tree/birthday cake this year!! (mom: hint hint. click the links for more info)

1. Stella McCartney Perfume- Stella
i have a small roll-on of this perfume and i cherish it dearly. it’s my favorite perfume scent ever.

2. Influence- Mary-Kate and Ashley
mk & a wrote a book and i really want to read it. it’s already getting really good reviews. i guess if i can’t afford a piece of clothing from E&J or the row, this is the next best thing!!

3. a Borders/Amazon/B&N gift card
i am a nerd and i love to read. i will have a lot more free time next semester, so i’ll need some new books to read!

4. Friends- The Complete Series (Seasons 1-10)
i put this on my list every year, and every year i don’t get it. but it’s still worth a shot!!


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