>the middle school called, they want their drama back

>so this morning i woke up to this little gem of a text message on my phone:

From: 585*******

someone told me you
like jordan, you should
make her and joey
break up and go out w.

so that was pretty awesome. later on, i forwarded the message to E to show her how funny it was and she suggested that i respond as if i were this mystery person and say “yeah totally dude, i already hooked up w/ her!”

so i did. and promptly got a response from the mystery texter asking me who i was. i told him i was just messing with him, that he texted the wrong number and to be more carefuly next time! apparently, that didn’t satisfy him, because i got this:

“who dis doe????”

i cracked up. not only was the first text so incredibly middle school-ish, this one provided major LOL’s. so i again told him he didn’t know me, i don’t know him, and to leave it alone (and luckily he did)

hopefully i won’t get any prank calls or anything from some middle schoolers in rochester. but at least it brightened up my day!!

lesson learned: always double check the number/person you are texting. because it could end up on my phone 🙂


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