>ugh…the future

>so when i went to DC for the summer, i was about 95% sure it’s where i wanted to end up. okay, maybe only like 91% sure. truth is, i still really don’t know EXACTLY where i want to be. ever since i applied for graduation, the topic has come up about 23893842 times, when people ask, “so what do you want to do after graduation?” and i respond with something along the lines of “oh, i don’t know for sure, somewhere back east.”

i really loved DC. i’m just scared to live there on my own.
i really love nyc, i’m just scared to live there on my own.
basically, i’m scared to live anywhere on my own.

i’m afraid that i’ll become a hermit because i won’t go out at night alone, thanks in part to my love of crime dramas.

but the truth is, i really miss DC. every week when i watch bones, i get nostalgic for the city when they show the overhead shots of the national mall or just scenes along constitution ave. i miss the weekend rainstorms, georgetown cupcake, tomtom/jumbo slice, the metro, tangysweet and that homeless guy on 24th. i miss potbelly, market to market lunches, $5 bus rides to new york, soviet safeway and my beloved CVS’ on every corner.

there are so many stereotypes about people in DC, “the hollywood of ugly people” or that people only go there to be close to power. neither one of those is true for me. DC and i just fit. it’s big, but not too big. it’s clean and relatively safe if you know where to go. it’s warm, but still has seasons.

so have i made my final decision? i still don’t know. i’m going to keep my options open.

but if i do decide to come back, DC, will you take me back? i’m sorry i left you.


4 thoughts on “>ugh…the future

  1. >dooooood. you can switch places with me. You can finish my Bio 100, D&C, religion electives, and my design electives and I'll go live in NY alone. Just don't graduate and be a super duper senior with me.

  2. >Tara I totally feel you on the whole not knowing what you are going to do when you graduate. Whenever people ask me what my plans are, my response is basically the same except I don’t even know where I want to be… It usually sounds something like “oh, I don’t know, I’ll probably work for an ad agency or a company in their marketing department. Oh also, I’ll probably go back to the west coast, maybe Portland or Seattle, but then again, New York, Chicago, or DC are all options too.”So just know that we are in this boat together.

  3. >You are such a DC lover, I love it. Truth be told, I don’t know if NYC is the place for me. I LOVE DC. Stop watching so many crime dramas and don’t be scared about living on your own- you can do it!

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