>i’ve posted three days in a row (well four, now), and i figured that since i seem to be on such a roll, i should join NaBloPoMo, or national blog posting month. it’s just a thing that encourages people to blog every day for a whole month. there’s no prize or reward, or punishment for failing, just the pride of knowing you did it!

so this month’s (optional) theme is VOTE, and i may or may not be adhearding to that theme. maybe sometimes. we’ll see.

today was the first two sessions of conference, and i really enjoyed both. especially the primary kids singing in the afternoon sesh and elder holland’s talk. and guess what? i only fell asleep for like 20 mins! a new record.

well that’s my post for today. how about you VOTE and tell me if i should do the theme or not!? taking on a challenge might be good for me.

also, i VOTE that you lurking readers show yourselves and tell me who you are! (this does not include mom, dad, kevin, steph, eliz, alex and mrs. c)


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