>magically delicious

for about three weeks during freshman year i pretty much lived off of lucky charms. i was too lazy to go to the CANC slash didn’t want to eat that “food,” so i just got boxes of lucky charms at cosmo’s and bottles of milk from the vendies and ate that.

it was the best three weeks of my life.

i wasn’t the only one who loved them. my roommate alex (burnt mustard) wrote a letter to general mills requesting they make a cereal of ONLY marshmallow’s. needless to say, it didn’t fly with them.

this summer, i babysat a 3-year-old who went through a box of LCs in less than a week. except he only at the marshmallows.

this year i have rekindled my love for my favorite cereal. a few weeks ago yooms and i were at smith’s and got a box to share, because they were so. freaking. expensive. $5 for a little puny box!!

last night, however, wal-mart put that little puny box to shame.

i got a 1 lb. 1.5 lb. (yes, ONE AND A HALF POUNDS!) box of lucky charms for $4.50. it’s giant. bigger than my head. and it was cheaper than the gross bagged imitation “marshmallow maties.” ew.

so while i promise not to eat them for every meal, lucky charms will be a staple in my kitchen for a long time. the box even says they’re a great source of calcium AND vitamin D!

the proof is in the poundage

(photos courtesy of curtis and ayumi)

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