>so juvenile

>so i got to thinking the other day about the books i read.

right now i’m really into non-fiction, but i enjoy the occasional guilty pleasure chick-lit type books, “the devil wears prada” and the like. i also love authors like david sedaris and laurie notaro whose lives are so incredibly hilarious that it makes me realize how tame my life is.

but there’s also some books from another genre that i love, and i’m kind of afraid to admit it.

i love books from the young adult section.

i don’t know why i’m so ashamed. harry potter, stupid TWILIGHT and even the pants books are from the “young adult” section. I AM a young adult. 21 is not exactly ancient. but for some reason, young adult means 12-17 year olds at bookstores and libraries.

i still love the georgia nicholson series (angus, thongs and full-frontal snogging, which was recently made into a movie and has yet to work its way to the US), and i read gossip girl well into college. i’ll probably go home at christmas and check out the newest georgia nicholson books that i need to catch up on. so what if they’re about a 14-year-old british girl? i love them!

so i will march in to the fairport public library with my head held high, right back to the young adult section and ignore the inevitable stares that will come my way.

everyone has their guilty pleasures, right?

i miss my cats.


2 thoughts on “>so juvenile

  1. >Uh, your mom didn’t read Anne of Green Gables until after you were born. And how many times has she read the Betsy-Tacy books, not to mention perennial reading of the Little House books? Let’s face it, young adult books (except the ones about kids who want to commit suicide) are definitely better.By the way, just try reading Pride and Prejudice. I’m reading it again for the 7th time.

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