>i’ll take state capitols for 200, alex

>so i took the first test for the jeopardy! college championship tonight. 50 questions, 15 seconds to answer each one. you’d be surprised how fast 15 seconds is.

i think i did pretty good, i’d estimate i got about 35 out of 50 correct. granted, there was one question about mormons (the answer was brigham young) and another about those stupid twilight books (i’m ashamed to say i got it right [breaking dawn]). the questions had a “50 states” theme, so it made it easy to eliminate things as i went along. there were some other kind of pop culture-y questions, which meant good news for me!

if i did well enough and get selected during the random drawing to move on to the second round, i’ll go to DC or LA to do a live audition. i really really really want to go! being on jeopardy! has been my dream since…well for a really long time.

and if you ever have a hankering to build your knowledge and play some jeopardy for fun, check out this site, that has every jeopardy! question EVER, in order by season and episode. it’s how i studied, and it totally helped me with the answer for south carolina’s capitol [columbia!]

also, i’m getting a macbook next week! yayyyy. my computer is literally falling apart, piece by piece. photobooth pics will be posted as soon as possible 🙂

i’m pretty.


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