>i will do a better update soon, i promise. but in the meantime, i’d like to direct your attention to the best blog i’ve ever read…

seriously, so blessed!

anyone who isn’t LDS probably won’t get any of it, so i’ll just tell you a little bit about it.

its basically a hugely satirical blog of everything stereotypical about mormon culture/the provo bubble/married LDS women bloggers EVER. whoever started it is a genius. i don’t know what makes me laugh more– the catch-all name JJWT for the name of the husband, the sidebar of ads that says “these pay for my pedi’s!” or this line right here:

“Even though edge-cation has always been number #1 in my family, sometimes you just need to put family first like when I took a semester of hair school off to focus on my wedding…not to brag but that was my priority so I was willing to set my career a side.”

even if you don’t know anything about mormon culture, just read it for laughs. and just know that i’m not even close to ever acting like that. ever.

ps–rochester got a five guys!!! my life is complete.


2 thoughts on “>high-larious.

  1. >AHHHH!!! I just went and read that and it was kind of freaking me out because it sounds just like one of my friend’s old roommates….maybe she is the one writing it ; )

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