>stumble THIS!

>so stumbleupon.

a few years ago, kevin introduced me to “stumbleupon,” this genius search engine that finds random web pages for you to look at based on the recommendations of others, and your personal preferences and settings. it cures boredom in an instant and has brought many wonderful things into my life.

all you have to do is install the little button into your browser, set your settings, and voila! you’re good to go. for example, i can set my stumbleupon to only go to web sites having to do with shopping. or blogging. or music. or ipod things. whatever you want, just type it in and it will find you cool things. or, you can not type anything at all, and have it find the most random stuff ever for you.

here are some things that stumbleupon has found for me over the past few years:

Study Hacks- 25 Articles Every College Student Read
– Self-explanatory.

LikeBetter-Click on pictures until the “brain” finds out your inner soul. Pretty cool, and a good way to waste time 🙂

Top 9 Mistakes College Students Make on their Resumes– Helped me out a LOT!

How to answer 23 of the most common interview questions
– Starting to see a pattern here??

THIS!!!!!– Click it, you won’t be disappointed.

And last but not least…

Mooshinindy.com– This is Casey. I don’t know her and have never met her, but I stumbled upon her blog one day and loved it/her immediately. The day I found it, she wrote something about my/our church (she’s LDS, too), and I just started to keep up with her blog. She has the cutest little girl, is an amazing writer, and has even amazing stories to tell!

so there ya go, hope you enjoyed it. if you haven’t already, i highly suggest installing stumbleupon for all your boredom needs.

now i need to go do my homework 🙂


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