>things to look forward to

>so i’m finally all settled in with school, work, play, apartment, etc., and things are going swimmingly. plus, there’s lots of exciting things to look forward to in the upcoming weeks (and months!).

first and foremost is THE OFFICE coming back on thursday YAYYYYYY. what will happen? will PB+J still be together? Are dwight and angela back together? WHO IS JAN’S BABY DADDY? these are all important, vital questions that we the people need to have answered.

PB+J 4eva

secondly, i get paid on friday YAYYYYYY. too bad most of it will be stashed away in savings for that oh so important tution bill. pretty soon it will be october and i’ll get to go grocery shopping again! i need food!

third, the new ben folds album comes out on tuesday!! i’ve been listening to my ben folds playlist on repeat for the past week in anticipation of this blessed event. i just need some new music in my life, ya know? (ps if you have any other recommendations, please, let me know!) ben folds brings out the hipster in me, what can i say.

(don’t worry mom, i’ll buy the edited version!)

also, my group is posting on my pop culture class’ blog this week. our topic- race in the media. be sure to check it out!

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