>let me tell you a little about my roommate, ayumi.

her name is pronounced i-you-me. not a-YUMMY like someone called her last week. she’s pretty much the best. we’ve been friends since we were wee little freshies in the dorms! she lived down the hall. we call her yooms.

  • yooms is a grahpic design major and she has a lot of school ahead of her. she’s very artsy and awesome at what she does.
  • yooms is shorter than me, as you can see from the picture above, she can stand on our desk and still not touch the ceiling. quite a feat.
  • yooms is japanese.
  • yooms interned in new york city this summer and has brought that sweet manhattan vibe back with her.
  • yooms as an awesome blog- http://iyouandme.blogspot.com (listed under my blogroll as “roommate”)
  • yooms loves izzie soda’s and collects the bottles.
  • yooms and i have awesome gchat convos when we’re in the same room together, like this one:

don’t you wish you were lucky enough to have her as a roommate!


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