>3×3, 1-9, no repeats

>i heart sudoku. i’ve loved it ever since elizabeth introduced me to it that one fateful night during christmas break freshman year. even though my first puzzle took me over an hour to complete, i never looked back.

that same year, i spent an entire 5 hour plane ride doing sudoku puzzles. sure i was on jetBlue and had a sweet tv with lots of channels to watch, but i chose to smarten my brain and do those little puzzles. the flight attendant noticed and even said something to me!

i continued to do sudoku during american heritage (to keep myself awake, of course) and whenever else i got the chance. i probably went through a good 5 or 6 books in a semester. i felt so smart and unstoppable. sudoku has truly helped me in my logic skills. people who watch me do it are amazed at my talent. what can i say? i’m just amazing.

now to my point- a while back i introduced you to makeup mah jongg (which for my mom and mrs. c was a really bad idea). now i will introduce you to something even better!

i can do sudoku with numbers, letters, and now… PEOPLE!

USA’s Character Sudoku!!!

it’s a lot of fun and not as hard as regular sudoku because the squares are much smaller. i love dragging monk (“monk”) and shawn spencer (“psych”) around the board and their stupid little expressions.

so next time you’re bored…give this a whirl! have fun 🙂


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