>i always have a running list of things to blog about, and then when i sit down to actually write something, my mind goes blank.

school started this week. this semester will be a killer, with my capstone class along with 4 other classes and a part-time job. hopefully i can make it work. i keep telling myself that i only have one more year of homework and mindless paper writing, and that makes it seem a little less daunting. i’ve made it this far, what’s one more year, right?

places i might want to live after college:

what these places have in common is that they are large cities with good, reliable public transportation (i.e. subways). i’m not crazy about having a car because i don’t want to keep up with the maintenance and gas, plus i don’t want to drive in a big city or have to pay for parking a car i will probably rarely use. plus, big cities have more job opportunities for what i want to do.

an important thing to consider? cost of living.

all i know is this- my goal in 5 years:

Tara L.
Loft Apartment #1
Big City, USA, 10000

be sure to visit 🙂


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