>part 2

>finally, as promised (but shorter than the last one)

4. I learned how to really, really multi-task. Yes, there were some days that I didn’t have much to do, but there were other days were I had wayyy too much to do. I like those days because when you’re really busy, the time just flies by!

5. I learned what’s been happening on All My Children for the past, oh 15 years! My mom used to watch AMC all the time when I was little so I remembered some of the old story lines and characters (who are still on today!) Every day at 1pm I would congregate in the break room with some other ladies to watch AMC. It was really fun, and although I thought it was silly at first, I really grew to look forward to that time every day!

6. I learned that being an intern is really how everyone says it is. Yes, I got to do some cool things, see my name in print, la dee dah. But, interning is really just the first step in to the rest of my career. To get my foot in the door and pay my dues, I had to suffer just like everyone else. And you know what? I appreciated it! And, it looks good on my resume 🙂


Tonight is my last night in fairport :-(. In a few minutes i’m leaving to say goodbye to some of my dearest friends, something that has become easier each time I do it. When I left for freshman year, i broke down and cried in the airport when my friends dropped me off. It’s not that hard anymore. We all have our own lives, but it’s nice to know that when we all come home, it’s just like it was before. The months in between seem shorter and shorter, but staying in touch is so much easier. We all rag on Rochester and how crappy it is, and yes, there really isn’t anything for us to do here. But, it’s always nice to come home. Home to my familiar bed and bedroom, to my off color television and cats that give me allergies up the wazoo, to my mom’s home cooking and all the free food in the fridge and the pantry. When I first got back from DC, I wasn’t excited about going back to school at all. I wanted to stay home for as long as possible. But now, I can’t wait! I’m excited to see all my friends, start some exciting classes, and move in to my new apartment.

(ps…gossip girl on monday!!!)


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