>What I Learned from My Internship, Part 1

> Each week I write an email to the internship coordinator informing her of what I did during the week at my internship and what I’d learned from doing it. Its usually along the lines of “I learned how to use this computer program” or “I learned how to do more effective research,” etc. BUT, what I usually want to write is something like, “This week I learned how to avoid awkward conversations with my co-workers” or something like that. So, here is the first half of the real-life, practical application learning I got from my internship experience 🙂

1. I learned not to wear heels to work

Note that it says “to work,” not “at work.” This is probably something everyone finally figures out, and when I finally did, I thought I was so smart. I started wearing flip flops to work and changing into the heels I brought with me as soon as I got to the office. At the end of the day I would slip them off and don the flip flops to walk home. Then, I got EVEN SMARTER and started LEAVING MY SHOES AT WORK as I realized that I was sometimes wearing the same pair of shoes every day. So, rather than haul my shoes to work each day, I started keeping a collection under my desk! I thought I was so inventive. Then Melissa told me her co-worker has a shoe rack under her desk where she stores up to 10 pairs of shoes. Then I realized I was a little late on the concept.

2. I learned that G-Chat is your friend

I don’t think I would have survived this summer without google chat. At any time, I could chat with Kevin, Eliz, Alex, even mom and dad, without the pesky hassle of AIM. The people at google are clearly geniuses for coming up with this concept.

3. I learned that DC bloggers are hilarious

Over the summer I’ve compiled a daily list of blogs to read, most of them about DC and life here. They are hilariously entertaining, and usually link to even more for me to read. Reading them was a great way to pass the time in between projects and assignments, and gave me ideas of what and how to write in my own blog and stuff to do around the city.

Part 2- Coming Soon, I Promise.


2 thoughts on “>What I Learned from My Internship, Part 1

  1. >I do IT support, so I end up at a lot of random women’s desk to fix computer issues. I’ve started counting the number of shoes women leave at their desks. So far, the largest collection I’ve seen is thirteen pairs of foot ware (heals, flats, flip flops, sneakers, etc).Thirteen pairs! I can’t imagine even owning that many pairs of foot wear!

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