>les touristes

>i figured i’d post while i’m waiting for my clothes to dry…on the second try.

this weekend was filled with visitors! laurel and mr. & mrs. congdon came to visit this weekend, and we had lots of fun. i took the day off today to go on a tour of the capitol with laurel…and kevin gave the tour! while we were in the gallery (for the house of representatives), they actually opened this week’s session with a Speaker pro tempore coming in and banging the gavel, audience rising, pledge of allegiance, etc. i hope we were on c-span (but probably not).

anyway, here are some pictures from this weekend:

(kev and annie at jazz in the garden)

(laurel and i at the jazz concert)

(georgetown cupcakes for mrs. c’s birthday!)

(e and i at the lincoln memorial. oh, and there’s my hair)

(striking a pose at the washington monument)

(kev and laurel after our tour)

(me and brigham)

ps- mrs. c….can you have mr. c send some of your pics my way? thanks! 🙂


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