>so last night someone was in the hart senate office building threatening to jump. this was the second jumper in 3 days! on saturday, i was inconvenienced by another jumper threatening to jump off the GWU hospital. the whole area where our apt is was roped off, and there were a lot of angry, hot and sweaty people around. i guess he didn’t end up jumping, but fell pretty hard when trying to climb down and was hurt badly.

in other news…i chopped my hair off! 7 inches. it feels great. i don’t have a picture yet (i look pretty haggard after work every day, and am not in the mood to broadcast that haggard image on the internet). when i get a good picture, i’ll post it. i also dyed it brown, so it was a shock to pretty much everyone in my office when i came in on monday looking completely different.

i have less than 3 weeks left here, which is pretty crazy. its gone by SO FAST! there’s so much left to do, and no time to do it! guess these next few weeks will be pretty busy…


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