>the first of many

>before i start…can i just say that last night’s SYTYCD was AMAZING. watch out chelsie, katee is slowly becoming my new favorite (i still voted for you 10x though). katee has ventured into new dance territory for two weeks in a row now, first with the bollywood dance and then last night’s pas de deux, which were both incredible. while everyone else does the same old ballroom and contemporary genres each week, katee gets to expand her abilities beyond expectations. with that, BYE COMFORT. must suck to get kicked off two weeks in a row.

and now for my real post…

the 5 best burgers i’ve ever had in my entire life.”

(i plan to do more like this in the future, hence the title of the post). what sparked this, you ask? my trip to five guys this afternoon, and my current state of boredom. even though i’m stuffed right now, i’m pretty sure i’ll get hungry again just typing this out. prepare to salivate. (note: all of these are chesseburgers.)

#5. In-N-Out (Las Vegas)- although it was memorable, it just wasn’t my favorite. it was very, very good and i had no qualms about going back again the next week! now, there are knockoff INO’s all over utah valley. i should probably try one of them sometime.
#4. Five Guys (Washington, DC)- multiple award-winning and zagat rated. five guys is great because you get more bang for your buck. two all-beef patties for only 4-ish dollars! that, combined with an overflowing order of their equally famous fries, and it would probably last you through winter hibernation. the burgers are juicy and hand-shaped to perfection. yum!

#3. Sonic Burger (Sonic)- just the thought of a nice, juciy sonic burger is making me so hungry right now. i hate all the teaser commercials around here for sonic, because there AREN’T ANY NEAR ME. i can’t wait to go back to provo, order a sonic burger and get all the toppings all over my shirt. ahhh, memories.#2. Bacon and Bleu burger (Ruby Tuesday)- Sadly, this one is off the RT menu, but it will never be forgotten by my stomach. I’m a fan of bleu cheese, so a burger + bleu cheese automatically caught my attention. always left me satisfied and smiling (that’s what she said…).

#1. Royal Red Robin Burger (Red Robin)- Absolutely hands down my favorite burger ever. everyone scoffs at me because it has a fried egg on it and therefore must be disgusting. well, guess what. it’s not. and if you’re going to hate me for not liking sushi, i can hate you for not even giving this thing a chance. the egg just gives it that little something extra. when it meshes with the chesse and the burger and the ketchup…pure bliss. not to mention that it is a gigantic burger with lots of generous toppings. AND red robin has the best fry and fry sauce combination on this earth. seriously. get yourself to red robin soon and try it.

Honorable mentions:
-McDonald’s Double Chesseburger- yeah, i said it. mcdonalds. what more could you ask for for $.99?
-Chik-fil-a’s Chicken sandwich- shut up, i know it’s not a burger, but it counts in my mind. another thing i miss about utah (but I don’t miss much else).


One thought on “>the first of many

  1. >Wow, I had no idea of the depth of feeling you have on this subject. I think you’re in the wrong profession. You should be a food critic. We have to go to Five Guys when when we’re there.P.S. Have you lost your ability to capitalize words??

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