>utilizing the ever-so-popular letter/blog format

>Dear GW Housing,

Please fix the 6+ broken dryers in City Hall. 4 dryers are just not enough to facilitate all us interns who have to do our laundry on the weekends. Thanks. While you’re at it, fix the swipe in the elevator, too. Playing musical elevators every morning because my card won’t work is not a very fun game.
Not so sincerely,
An unhappy resident

Dear Mother Nature,

What was with that storm yesterday? Not even my very trusty umbrella kept me from getting completely drenched on the 1 minute walk/run from the metro. And I was afraid I would float away in the current rushing on the side of the road. That wasn’t very cute!

Dear Gossip Girl,

I can’t wait for your return in September. I need some more Blair Waldorf in my life to help keep me fierce and fabulous.
Fiercely yours,
Tara L. Waldorf

Dear Famous DC,
Thanks for linking me on Hyper Hill. Nearly gave me a heart attack when I first saw it, but it was cool to be famous for a day.


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