>i’m back…

>Sorry, readers. I’ve been quite lazy lately and haven’t given you any updates! I promise not to go on hiatus like that ever again!

Looking back on my recent trip to Manhattan, I feel like I was kind of jaded. I was coming from a big city and therefore wasn’t in as much anticipation as I usually am coming from good ole Fairport. But New York made me realize how much I have come to love DC, despite its faults. For the past few weeks I’ve tried to come up a list of rants and raves, and I’ve finally finished them. Read on…


-Drivers. I recently read that DC has the worst drivers in America (thanks to all those Maryland commuters…). I can’t get over how many people disregard simple traffic rules here, or seem to think that they’re invincible and that traffic will magically clear for them. The worst cases I see are in the traffic circle next to my building. As I cross two streets in the circle daily, I see SO MANY drivers who cut from the inside lane to the outside one to exit the circle. They routinely cut off buses, bikes, and other cars at dangerously close ranges. Most don’t use turn signals when they do this. If they do use a turn signal, they usually also think it means they can cut off the person in the lane next to them and merge into that lane. I’ve seen 2 or 3 accidents resulting from this. ALSO: those drivers who exit the circle have zero regard for us pedestrians, who have a mere 15 seconds to scramble across 4 lanes of traffic during rush hours. STOP STEALING MY PRECIOUS SECONDS. Don’t even get me started on those who run through yellow lights, only to be sitting 5 cars deep in the middle of an intersection on K street when the other light turns green…)

-Weather. I’m pretty sure it’s rained every single weekend since I’ve been here. And while the thunderstorms were cool at first, they aren’t so much anymore.

-Metro fares. So deceiving! I seem to be adding $10 to my SmartTrip every 5 days, and I don’t even ride the metro that often!

-Closing time. Last week, M, E and I went to Friendship Heights to do some shopping. Imagine our surprise when we get there around 7 to find most of the stores closed or closing. By 8 p.m. everything was closed (except cheesecake factory…) and it seems that they close at 8 every day. How is any 9-5er supposed to get anything done after work/dinner? All the starbucks close around 7 or 8, too. So weird. You’d think in a big city it would be a lot different. Even Eastview Mall doesn’t close until 9:30!!


-Food. We’ve eaten at some top notch places down here. Most recently (last night…) at Dr. Granville Moore’s on H St. NE, whose chef was challenged to a Throwdown with Bobby Flay! We went for the famous Moules Frites (or in my case, burger frites) and were not disappointed. Other places of note include Nooshi, Zed’s Ethiopian, Five Guys, and McCormick & Schmick’s.

-Going out. Two words- Tom Tom.

-Metro. So deceiving, but also so convenient (except when your destination is H St. NE). Also thanks to the .25 metro bus that lets us avoid the sketchy walk from the Adams Morgan metro stop to the ACTUAL Adams Morgan area. And, its so clean and smell-free!

-Blogs. I love reading area blogs such as DCist and FamousDC because I actually know what they’re talking about. It’s fun to read the news too, because they mention DC all the time! No more random shoutouts to Rochester from the national news. I’m living where it all takes place!

-Nationals. Even though they are terrible and hardly ever win, it’s still cool to live in a city with an actual major league sports team. Although my first experience at a Nats game involved a scarring incident with chili cheese fries and my vera wristlet, I still want to go back again before I leave!

-History. I love reading up on the history of DC, especially how it was laid out by L’Enfant and why the tallest building is, at most, only 12 or 13 stories (FYI: L’Enfant wanted DC to resemble an “American Paris.” There’s also a city ordinance preventing any building from being taller than the statue on the dome of the capitol). I was at a rooftop cocktail party last week, courtesy of Google, and it was so cool to be able to look around the whole city. Love love love.


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