>i forgot…

>i neglected to write about two very funny/scary things that have happened down here in the past few weeks.

first, i got to be in DC for a historic metro event, that being a train derailment! during rush hour! on one of the most used lines! 6th time a train has derailed in 30 years! good thing i don’t ride the metro home from work. then on friday, 2 metro stations shut down due to lack of power (the escalators are so long at those stations and there was too much electricity being used for those and for air conditioning due to the heat wave). THEN there were fires at some stations because some circuits shorted. fun stuff!

second, last saturday i took the metro down to pentagon city to go shopping. k, e and i had gone to lunch and then parted ways at the metro. kev and i planned to go to sketchway later that afternoon. so i go to the mall (it was a bust, btw), come back, and eliz and i decided to snuggle up and watch the devil wears prada. i lost track of time (and my phone), and suddenly hear frantic knocking at the door. its kevin. he’s freaking out because he thought i’d gone missing on the way to/from the mall. i track down my phone and find text messages, missed calls and voicemails from him saying “where are you??” “are you ok?” etc etc.

i think its cute that he was concerned–but i’m still laughing about it 🙂


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