>caught in the rain

>it rains so much here. i don’t know if it’s normal or not, but it seems like it rains a lot more than it should. i think today’s storm is the 5th or 6th that has happened since i’ve been here. it was raining pretty hard on my walk home, but it was actually pretty nice because for once it wasn’t muggy and i wasn’t sweating through my clothes by the time i got back. my hair did curl up a lot, which wasn’t very cute. after the storm ended, it got really cool outside and there wasn’t much humidity. it was perfect!

this weekend the roomies were gone so it was just kev and i. on saturday we went to the postal museum (boring, never go there) and then headed up to the zoo! i loved the flamingos. we didn’t get to see the panda because he was sleeping, but we only walked around part of the park, so there’s always the next time.saturday night kev came over and we ate dinner together, and then we went for a walk on the national mall to do a tour of the monuments at night. it was muggy. and rainy. read: my hair ballooned up to like 5x it’s normal size and curl. it wasn’t pretty. but, it was really fun and something not everyone gets to do.

one last thing–there was a fire “emergency” at work today, and since i was on my way out to lunch anyway i just grabbed my wristlet at left my purse in my office. we had to take the stairs down, and i slowly came to realize that there might actually be a fire, and that it wasn’t a false alarm like the previous times…and well, just read this convo i’m having with kevin.

kwenzel: how was work? did your longchamp burn?
me: nary, i’m so glad. i was like, on the third floor on the way out and i thought, “oh crap…what if this is for real? THEY DON’T MAKE THAT BAG ANYMORE!!”

see where my priorities are?


2 thoughts on “>caught in the rain

  1. >Something tells me that if you had been in the WTC on Sept. 11th, you would have been thinking the same thing! (about your purse, that is).

  2. >When you talk about your hair blowing up to 5x normal size, I can’t help but picture a red-haired Monica Gellar.By the way, I tried to send you a comment through your naicu e-mail, but got a delivery failure notice.

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