>this one’s for my avid reader mrs. c

>ayyyyyyyyyyyy a week has gone by already? i can’t believe i’ve already been here 3 weeks. that means only 8 weeks left! every day i find myself getting more and more annoyed by tourists (learn how to ride the metro and use the crosswalks, people) and getting more and more used to the constant sounds of the sirens outside each day. i can’t believe there are THAT many fires around here…

hmmm well this past week we’ve done and seen lots of things. the heat wave over the weekend kept me inside a lot, which was fine because i wanted to read my awesome book! last night me and the roomies went to georgetown again and got yummy cupcakes, did a lil shopping and went to eat at a little french restaurant. the restaurant was aight…it couldn’t have been a little cheaper and had more selection (soda would be a start), but it was still cute and we had fun anyway. it was a little detour from our usual routine of coming home, putting on pj’s and chilling/destressing from work.

we finally made it to adams morgan AND u street over the weekend. although we got lost both times, it was still really fun and i’m excited to go explore again. there are so many places to go out to!

one weird thing before i go–kev and i went to safeway (sketchway) to get groceries, and basically everything that was supposed to be cold in the store…wasn’t. the frozen foods were melting in the freezer, and all of the cheese and butter shelves were empty. SO SKETCHY.

i’m dragging kevin to the national postal museum this weekend…check back for some great stories! haha.


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