>when it rains, it tornadoes


(this picture was taken in between storms. its the intersection of K St. and Washington Circle, right outside of our apartment)

my roommates just ventured out in what looks like the beginnings of a hurricane to get ice cream at a new place all the way up on P street. i opted to stay in, sitting right next to the windows. the storm is nothing new, it’s the 3rd torrential downpour we’ve experienced in our short week and half here. hill workers were told to stay indoors and avoid windows today. a tornado or two struck arlington and somewhere close by in maryland. pleasant, huh? apparently hillary summoned the tornado (wonkette is like my new favorite blog now).

speaking of wonkette, i just now discovered a 4 year old scandal that happened in dc, and apparently wonkette was the one who broke the story. go HERE for more info, and prepare to spend at least 20 minutes reading.

speaking of reading, i bought the book “boomsday” yesterday and i’m already loving it. i orginally went to b&n to pick up the new book by lauren weisberger (of the devil wears prada fame) but alas, they were sold out. libby mentioned boomsday at work and i decided to get it instead. good choice for me. i love reading books about PR people, fictional as they all might be. its about a girl who blogs about how to end the social security nightmare…told in a funny, satirical way. its funny that i found the washingtonienne and this book right at the same time…

(this is another view from the same window as the picture above. looking east towards K St., to the left of the middle building, and Pennsylvania Avenue to the right.)

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