>blogging is the new poetry

>this is comforting.

also, note to self: i need to start eating breakfast. crystal light energy water just doesn’t do the trick. also, never buy lunch from to market to market again. ten dollars is just too much to pay for a little salad and fruit. then again, i guess i just don’t know how much a pound actually is.

one last thing, from stuff hill people like:
“Despite the provision of Capitol Hill Fun Time by tourists, their presence still causes deep insecurities to bubble up among Hill People. Tourists, with their lemming-like manners, digital cameras, and CIA shirts, subconsciously remind Hill People of what they used to be, long, long ago (aka two months prior when they first moved to Washington, after spending the summer after college backpacking through Europe). After all, when they were new to DC, they didn’t know the quadrant system, where the White House is, or that you should ABSOLUTELY NEVER stand on the left side of the Metro escalator. Deep down, Hill People remember this version of themselves, and it makes them absolutely sick. Therefore, they project this self-hatred of their former self on to tourists.”

my thoughts exactly.


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