>Happy Birthday Israel!

>Yesterday (after church, of course) we ventured down to the national mall to attend the 60th Anniversary of Israel with more than 50,000 people. We went to see Regina Spektor perform a free concert, and it was very good. We also saw Mandy Patinkin, also known as Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride!

So we rode the metro down, and at the Smithsonian stop, the doors remained open for 5 or so minutes (not too unusual). Then, metro people started shouting over the intercom “EVACUATE THIS TRAIN!” and we all just ran out and up the escalator. It was a madhouse. There were firemen coming down, the the metro going the other direction was stopped further back that it should have been and people were filing out of the front car. Turns out a lady jumped off the other platform and got hit by a train! Quite an eventful day.

Also, the story I was working on last week was published on our website! Check it out here. It’s cool to see something I wrote in something other than the Daily Universe. And not about orchestras.


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