>hello lover

>it was so nice to spend some time with my girls again:
the movie was great, as i expected. the clothes were fierce, albeit a few choices that i wouldn’t have personally picked for myself. overall, two thumbs up 🙂

this week has flown by! work is going well, i’ve got stuff to do and keep me busy and also learn a lot about the organization. this week i’ve been looking through a big phone book of people in the news media, and lets just say…i have found some very interesting things!

kev and i went down to pentagon city today to do some shopping, and also to trader joes to get some groceries. on the way back we were greeted my a massive thunderstorm that was flooding the streets and making the windows shake. some amazing lightning though! after it stopped raining, eliz and i trekked over to georgetown, which we are both obsessed with now. sephora, urban outfitters, anthropologie, zara…you name it, its probably there! we’ll def be up there a lot.

tonight i made dinner for us (e, me and k) and it was delish! whole wheat pasta tossed with salmon, pesto, peas and parm. we had champs elysees salad and cibatta rolls to top it off. i’m very proud of myself.

we’re going out in adams morgan tonight, should be fun!


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