>"In Washington, success is just a training course for failure." – Simon Hoggart

>I’ve finally arrived in DC! We got here yesterday, and now I’m all moved in and already loving the city. Our apartment (and i use the term loosely, because it still feels like a hotel) is great, lots of room and storage space, and the kitchen is decent. I’m sharing a room with Eliz, and Melissa will have the singe. Kevin is right down the hall!

Today we went grocery shopping, both at Trader Joes and Safeway. Safeway is in Watergate! Both are only a 5 minute walk away. We have a 7-11 right down the street and a little deli/market around the corner about a 2 minute walk away. Last night we walked around Georgetown and went out to eat with the Wenzels and the Congdons. We ate at a little Vietnamese restaurant that apparently Harrison Ford ate at! It was fun, even though I was not adventurous enough to get anything besides a salad. Later that night we went out and walked around georgetown again and ended up at a piano bar that was far past its capacity and hard to walk around in. It was still fun to walk around at night and feel like a ~grown up~.

Melissa should be arriving in about 20 minutes, and when we get all her stuff in here we’re all going to hop on the metro and go to bed bath and beyond to get some stuff we forgot. It doesn’t really feel like Memorial Day, as we are just running errands and stuff. Later tonight I think we’re going to Kevin’s friend Alicia’s for a bbq, that should be fun!

Work starts tomorrow. I need to go pick out a killer outfit!


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