>fresh start

>new blog. i needed a new name. i want to start blogging for real. hopefully i’ll do it this time.

i got the april issue of vogue the other day, and it’s really amazing. probably one of my favorite issues so far. one of my dreams is to be published in vogue one day, or just have my name in it for some reason. another dream is to be on this american life, the best radio show ever. seriously, if you have itunes, subscribe to the weekly podcast. its free! can’t beat it. sometimes i cry, but i mostly laugh because the show is just so genius. i usually listen to the newest show at work, and i laugh so loud that my co-workers look over at me and give me funny looks. i try to explain that it’s a podcast, but nobody really understands what that is. or i’ll try to describe the show, but they don’t get that either. its so nerdy, but i love it so much.

i’ll leave you with my favorite picture from the april vogue featuring apolo anton ohno and doutzen kroes, my fave model. she’s wearing a miu miu dress that has been way overused lately, but i think the picture is so amazing.


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