marathon training, month one

to be honest, the first month has been a little…boring? which is to be expected, and i knew it would be like this going into it, since the first 4 weeks are more base-building than anything else. i’m doing a marathon training plan found in the June 2013 issue of runner’s world, written by editor and 1968 boston marathon champ amby burfoot. i chose it for a few reasons: it’s long, made for first-timers, incorporated the base training i needed after coming back from a month of rest/IT band healing, and works with my schedule. it’s challenging without being overly so, and i trust it will get me ready to toe the line in november. Continue reading



so, you may have seen this last week. and if you’ve been anywhere within 5 feet of me in the past week and a half, you’ve probably heard me talk about it. i’m running a freaking marathon (the philadelphia marathon, to be exact), and i’m stupid excited about it. i started running about 3 years … Continue reading

in the kitchen with tara

shortly after returning from my thanksgiving “break,” i went to the grocery story to stock up on all of my holiday baking essentials. this included, but was not limited to: 3 packs of butter (that’s 12 sticks, aka 6 cups), plus the one we already had in the fridge 2 disposable aluminum pans a gazillion … Continue reading

running in a winter wonderland

i don’t know about where you are, but here in the east/midatlantic, fall has hit us HARD. in fact, at times (read: early morning and late evening) it seems almost winter-like, which isn’t really fair because we haven’t had much of a fall to begin with. summer kind of went through the end of september. anyway, i’m getting away from myself. Continue reading

review: your new perfect headphones (and a giveaway!)

there are many different types of runners: those who overdress (guilty as charged), those who run for pleasure, those who run to train and race, those who hate gadgets and others who can’t live without them…you get it. you may not be aware, but running with music is a hot topic for debate in the running community. as someone who has to has actual one-sided conversations with herself to even get out of bed to get a workout in some(all the)times, you can probably guess which side of the fence i’m on in this department. Continue reading

porch/train/backyard/book club reads

let’s pretend this never happened – jenny lawson i actually just finished this but wanted to add it to the list so i could sing it’s praises. though i’m not a regular reader of the bloggess, i do read the occasional post and always enjoy it. i bought this for kindle before my flight to … Continue reading

weekend snippets

zoo night sponsored by my firm, aka my favorite night of the year. though we were trapped (luckily indoors) during the freak downpour, we managed to make it work. finding out way out of the zoo in the pitch dark surrounded by all the animals though…that was a little scary.           … Continue reading